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Meal Trains

Moms support moms!
Food Packaging

It is our intention that every mother who welcomes a new child - through birth, adoption, or any other means, will be supported by fellow GMG mothers through a meal train. We aim to guarantee at least three meals. Additionally, if you or a member you know of are experiencing a hardship of any kind and could benefit from a meal train, please do not be shy, let us know! 

Please click the button above and fill out the meal train form. When you are ready for meals, please email our VP Mary at and she will get the train going! 

Meal Train Guidelines

  • If you haven't received the recipient's preference sheet from Mary, just ask! Make sure you stick to foods that the mom and family like.

  • Mary will provide you a day and time for drop off.

  • Think nutritious and easy! These are key.

  • Do as much prep work for the meal as possible and keep in mind it may not be eaten right away (so this may mean packaging sauces separately, etc).

  • Label all prep instructions clearly (for example, "includes meat, please refrigerate if not eating right away", "heat at 350 degrees for 20 minutes" etc).

  • Think of their children. Be sure to prepare something that is kid friendly if they have toddlers or older kids.

  • Consider including snack type foods, like veggie and fruit trays, chips and salsa, appetizers, hummus, crackers and spreads, granola bars, apples.

  • Don’t send anything that you want back. Families with new babies won't have time to wash, sort, and return Tupperware. This is a great time to use those takeout containers that are piling up!

  • Drop off the meal and leave. It is not a time for a tour of their house or to meet the new baby. Text the recipient and Mary when you have dropped the meal off.

  • If cooking isn't your thing, send some takeout! If you do this, order something that matches their preference sheet. Don't forget to include the tip when you call the order in or pick it up. If you are having the restaurant deliver, text the mom ahead of time to let her know it will not be you delivering it.

  • THANK YOU!!!!

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